Audio Done… for Now

The audio project I’ve been working on is finished! For three hours of audio I spend four hours recording, two weeks choosing takes and cutting out errors, and another two weeks cutting out little mistakes caused by my slobbery Welsh heritage. It probably shouldn’t take me a month to produce three hours of audio.

I realized partway through that it’s set in New Zealand. Oh, the things they say there! Here are my favorite sites looked up while trying to figure out how to pronounce places and things:

I can never tell when these will air, so I’ll just post when it turns up on the internet.

Now I get to focus on the novel again! At this rate I probably won’t get to the next one until November. At least I’ve established that while a long outline makes the first draft very easy, it does nothing to improve subsequent drafts, or my reaction to them.

Super Quick Update

I’m writing this right before I start recording a new project. Planes are taking off at the airport down the street, and I’ve got to conclude this recording session before lawnmowers fire up too. The new project is probably the biggest news. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever read to people I don’t know, at about novella length. My voice is up to it, though.

Editing the novel again, as well. I’m fixing the little issues which would distract me when I get into the improvement phase (This character disappears halfway through chapter five and doesn’t reappear until ten. Gravity does not work that way. Etc.) Do novels have blooper reels? I could make one for this. Gradually zoomed-in highlighted passages of ridiculousness from the first draft, accompanied by Yakety Sax.

Contortions of Conversational Reality

It surprises me how much of casual communication is about desired tone. I’m noticing this lately in possible responses to “Damn, it’s cold! What happened to global warming?”

Once that question has been directed at me, I have three obvious options. I rule out the first, because people who say “Damn it’s cold!” to me are not trying to mug or murder me and therefore I have no right to punch them in the throat. Your mileage may vary, of course. Trust no one.

Then there’s option two, morally acceptable but still rude. As with most such options, it begins with “Well, actually…” and ends as an XKCD comic. Yeah, I’d be correct. But I like to hoard easy wins against the time when I will make a mistake and need to be forgiven.

To that end, I fall back on the one improvisational comedy technique I know: “Yes, and.” No matter how inane the statement that just emerged from my neighbor/coworker/family member’s mouth, I agree with it. Then, operating on the assumption that that is a true fact, I state something which might also be true in that universe. “Yes, so cold! Have you seen the GIF of the cat falling into snow in slow motion? That’s how I feel when I step outside.” Note: I am in Florida, and lying.

The third response’s tone allows the exchange to end quickly and politely. But selecting it requires a wildly different response from something that would make sense the other two.

I finished the story I started editing last month, and I’ve decided to square away the second one before I start in on the novel. The next story is told from the point of view of the second POV character in the novel, so I’d like to be equally immersed in both voices before I get into the rewrite. 

Hope you all survived the ice. If you didn’t, please email me. A ghost pen pal would be fantastic.

Happy 2014!

Mine’s going well. I sold a story based on one of the novels to Stupefying Stories in December! It’s supposed to be published in a theme anthology in June. Fun!

I’m editing a new story in preparation for editing the NaNoWriMo novel. So that’s all proceding apace. I’m still alive and scribbling. Please join GLADOS in song.

NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

NaNoWriMo accomplished! I wrote about 73,000 words of wild stuff in November and got in the habit of waking up an hour early to do it. That’s especially fun because I don’t remember anything composed pre-coffee, so I return to my manuscript in the afternoons wondering what twists that crazy Morning Rue added to the story. At the rate it’s progressing now, I’ve got about 33k words to go on this draft. I’d better pick up the pace.

I’m incubating a rant about authors attacking Amazon because publishers won’t pay them what they think they deserve. Exactly no good will come from me posting it now, though. Maybe after I have something for sale there.

No news from me, otherwise. Hope you are doing well.

Ready for NaNoWriMo

Insert cliché re: repetition of identical action with differing expectations. “Winning” NaNoWriMo hasn’t been a challenge for me in a while. In the past two years I hit 50,000 words before Thanksgiving, so I could pay attention to family obligations without worrying about wordcount. When I decide to do a thing, it gets done.

It does not always get done well, however. This year I doubled my pre-first-draft period of research, plotting, and writing short stories to get to know the characters and the environment. My hope is that this will result in a better first draft, so that I can add more polish during editing. This may even eliminate the month of despair I usually encounter in the spring, when I am overwhelmed and disgusted with all the work the thing needs.

I’m also planning on Camp NaNoWriMo in July, which means finishing this year’s project sometime around May. That definitely means skipping the month of despair. Hopefully I’ll have so much fun with this project that I’ll want to write the sequel right away! I already have an exciting idea for the next main plot and one subplot, and I’m very fond of the characters. The pre-novel short stories have been really helpful in that regard.

I’ve now got five short stories and two novels on submission. Lots of nibbles and useful personal rejections, but no bites. So I’m not just hoarding these little tales on my hard drive, if you’re wondering. And in the not-my-story department, if you like audio horror you have to check out Interference. So creepy!

Months Come, Months Go

Ah ha ha, I haven’t updated in ages! Dragon Con was fun, as you might expect (lots of science, notes later possibly). I got involved in a Dragon Age 2 fan project which was fantastic but sucked away a whole lot of time. Also, a creepy kitty Cat Rambo story I read is up on Tales to Terrify. Nothing new to report, really.